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Tile Installation

Tiles come in an endless variety of colors, materials, and sizes to complete your home design. From classic subway tile for your bathroom to wood-look finish tiles ideal for highly durable flooring, tile is known for its versatility and low maintenance. It can enhance the resale value of your home and can be sourced to fit any budget. At Granite Gallery Enterprises, Inc., our flooring experts will help you find the right tile to accentuate your aesthetic. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodels with full installation.


Tile is perfect for homeowners due to its longevity and cost-effectiveness. You can mix and match tile designs for nearly any surface, including flooring, backsplashes, walls, and showers. Since tile is naturally resistant to humidity and finished with a protective glaze, it makes an ideal material for bathroom designs. Stone tile like travertine, granite, and marble are the go-to choices to create a luxury kitchen floor with a one-of-a-kind design. The natural finish means that each tile is unique and the earthy tones create a warm color palette.


We recommend that homeowners consider the size of the space, their lifestyle, and the location when selecting the right tile. Tile is classified according to a few specific factors that will help you determine if it is a good fit for your project. Here are three of the most important to consider:

  • Size: Small octagonal or square tiles can create a mosaic detail for a beautiful shower or backsplash, while large 12-inch by 24-inch tiles can help make your space feel bigger and create a luxury finish. Also, small tiles are great for showers because the addition of grout lines helps create a more slip-resistant surface.
  • Hardness: The Moh's scale for mineral hardness can help you determine the right material for your tile flooring. It ranges from 1 to 10, with a higher number indicating the tile is more scratch resistant. Porcelain, for example, is usually a 7 to 9 on the scale, while natural granite is generally around a 6 to 7. If you have pets or small kids, you may want to go toward the higher end of the scale.
  • Porosity: Different tile materials will be more impervious to moisture, so you should consider where the tile will be placed when choosing the material. Porosity is classified as impervious, vitreous, semi-vitreous, and non-vitreous. Non-vitreous is the least water-resistant and should only be used for decorative areas that don't encounter moisture.

At Granite Gallery Enterprises, Inc., we import our tiles from around the world to deliver the highest quality product to homeowners here in Chula Vista. Explore our online inventory and project gallery to spark inspiration for your remodel, then use our kitchen customizer to virtually plan your design. Give us a call at (619) 498-1345 when you're ready to get started.



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